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Tic never stopped innovating to make wire processing machines smart upgrade

Tic teams put the technology and engineering come together to create the high-level machines to make the wire processing works with easy operation, with the benefit of our customers, driving wire processing automation in action.

TC-2017 series Wires Processing Machine / TC-2023 RJ10 RJ 11 Jack Crimp/Tin Machine

TC-2020/TC-2022/  TC-2023 Wire-to-Board Connector Assembly machine for 2 Rowr

                                                                                        1.5 mm to 5.x pitch 2 to 16 Position


  Max. 20 contact positions now.

TC-2017 series  - since the year 2016 :  Hundreds of units at the markets are used now.

* Automation manufacturing your wire harness.
* We design your machine to work for you.
* Machines are using Japan/Taiwan/China top brand automatic parts & devices.
* Time Saving / Manpower Saving / Less managing Cost - 1 machine to built up a new 


* TC-2017 Series :            Model No. 

AWG #18~ #32  600mm"0.6M" is standard

Other Max.10M Spec. with Custom-Made

*01. TC-2017CT     Cut strip Crimp & Tin machine - Max. 10 meters in Length 

*02. TC-2017CTS  Cut strip Crimp & Tin machine - AWG #16 

*04. TC-2017BT    Cut strip Both Ends Tin machine - Min. 2+10+2 = 14 mm in Length

*07. TC-2017CTB   Both Ends Crimp + Crimp & Tin machine 2-IN-1

*08. TC-2017CTBT  Both Ends Tin+ Crimp & Tin machine       2-IN-1

'Multi-Function Machine  -  Using the Japanese Taiwan China parts  - High performance  - Accuracy  - Durable   - Easy maintenance   - Easily replace the renewed parts.

                  - Purchasing machine equipment is easy to work -

Automatic Wire-to-Board Connector Processing Machine Series

*TC-2023 series are updated and on shipping now. 

*03. TC-2023 & others :  in shipping.  Custom-Made

        TC-2022MT Multicore Cable Crimping & Tining Machine

        TC-2023 2.0MM PITCH CRIMP HOUSING 16P 2 ROW machine

        TC-2023 RJ Jack RJ10 RJ11 4P4C/6P4C Crimp Housing & Crimp / Tin machine

TC-2017CT / TC-2017CTB / TC-2020 / TC-2020S machine '5 - 12 wires'  Max. 10 meters.

  • TC-2017CT10M for 10 meters wire      5 wires prcessing machine

TC-2017CTS AWG #16 Wire Cut/Strip/Crimp & Tin Machine

   Tic machine :
   *Using the Japanese parts /Taiwan /China parts
   *High performance
   *Accuracy *Durable
   *Easy maintenance
   *Easy replace the renewed parts.

TC-2017 machine : Crimping & Half-Stripping function
Both ends Crimping - AWG #30 - 双打端
TC-2017BT  : 1 - 15 wires Cut Strip & Both Ends Tin Machine (15 wires - order-made)

TC-2017BT: 5 to 10 wires Cut Strip Twist & Tinning Machine

AWG #16 to #32 "2.0 mm Tinning   2 mm + 10 mm + 2 mm = 14 mm in length

                              "short wire tinning available"

#TC-2020 #TC-2017CT/BC #TC-2017BT/CBT : 5 machines Demo.

* TC-2020 /TC-2020S /TC-2022 / TC-2023

         Wire-to-Board Connector & Tin machine
* TC-2017CT  Crimp & Tin 
* TC-2017BC  2 Ends Crimp
* TC-2017BT  2 Ends Tin 
* TC-2017CTB  2 End Crimp + Crimp/Tin 2-IN-1
* TC-2017CTBT Crimp & Tin + 2 Ends Tin 2-IN-1

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Get our best design effects
and let your machine create benefits.
Custom-Made is welcome


to make the high-end Accuracy

TC-2017 machine parts.

TC-2017BT 10 Wires

 Proceeding machine

  - Wire Ends Tinning -

  The Best time for

   Purchasing now     


1-click Automation Machine

TC-2023RJ :

   RJ10/RJ11 JACK 4P4C 6P4C Automatic     Assembly and Tinning

   or terminal crimping       Machine 

  - Wire Ends Tinning or 

      Crimping  2-IN1


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2-IN-1 Machine #TC-2017CTB : 2 Ends Crimping + 1 End Crimp & 1 End Soldering

TC-2020 / TC-2023 : Wire to Board Assembly & Tinning machine and New Machine

Model: TC-2020  

2 - 20 pins Wire to Board Connector & Tinning machine: Auto Wire crimping & Inserting into Housing connector on 1 end, The other end wires with Tinning.

New TC-2023 is available for 2.0 ~  6.0 mm pitch  2 - 20 pins/2 Row  

Auto Cut/Strip/Crimp/Tin 4 works with only 1 click. Hundreds of unit machines are using at the different wires assembly factory. 

1 unit TC-2017 machine to set up your "Wire Processing Department"

5 machines are using at Customer's workshop now.      客戶已購買5台.

5 machines are using at Customer's workshop now.

TC-2017CT 5 wires Cutting/Stripping/1 end Crimping & 1 end Tinning 

3 TC-2017 machines at Customer's Workshop - 此客戶已使用第3台 TC-2017

3 TC-2017 machines at Customer's Workshop 

TC-2017 High Precision Design & High Performance operation.

The stable/high accuracy/easy maintenance : Cutting/Stripping/Crimping/Twisting & Tinning

works       with only 1 click operation.

2 TC-2017 at Customer's workshop - 此客戶已使用第2台

2 TC-2017 at Customer's workshop 

* The 2 crimping on both ends,

1 end crimping & 1 end stripping  2-IN-1 Machine 

We design and manufacture high-accuracy and durable mechanical parts since 1998. The level up by our engineering dept. all the artworks by our professional engineer's team.

About us :

*1. Tic Group member, which it is a 29 years machine manufacturer & Exporter from  Keelung

        -Taiwan since 1994.    

*2. After years of experience/machine producing knowledge, our design house has been released TC-2017 at the market since 2016, This is our newly developed machine series which has selected by many wire processing /wires harness assembly factories since Nov. 2016, many Clients have been using their 2nd to 10th TC-2017 machine at their production line, TC-2017 is really an Innovation High-end machine with Mercedes level. But, it comes with very competitive pricing with our top-level/excellent design.

*3. Our Design and R&D & Manufacturing engineering team with professional technology to provide new development skills of artwork to meet customers' expectations. Ingenious development is Our hallmark to keep us always ahead in the field.

Through our teamwork,  we can assure customers that we always offer HIGH-PERFORMANCE UPDATE QUALITY at a very competitive price with reliable service. Machine purchasing is 1 of the easy works.

*4. We are good at English speaking along with English communication skills  & documentation. 

*5. Re: TC-2017 / TC-2020 / TC-2022 / TC-2023 Order Payment Terms

We offer the very best payment terms on your initial order of our TC-2017/TC-2020/TC-2023, along with 100% unique quality guarantee. Payment terms : Can be negotiable.

< It’s not what we think about TC-2017/TC-2020/TC-2023, it’s what our customers and the industry think about the TC-2017/TC-2020/TC-2023. That’s why we are

1 of the leading machine manufacturers for Wires Processing Machines. >


Tops-mate  International Corporation 


No.9-10, Lane 77, Tong Ming Rd.,

20141 Keelung, Taiwan  

T. +886-2-2468-0709  F. +886-2-2465-0401



Our Keelung City Seaport

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Built for speed. Primed for Performance & Accurancy.

The other new devices/equipment to enhance the high-end machine character, And to support the machine operator with easy work, All these new items will be listed on the inquiry and quotation, Please inform your machine's need, and We will make your machine work for you.  All machine innovation development has been done by our teamwork design house, The new update machine to create the machine revolution

        How to Create an Effective & Simple Machine Compliance Program design is 1 of our goals.

                        R&D is 1 essential to the Design of wire wise.

The Applicator is able to be changed to use on the different size/type of terminal.

"Change the Applicator is a easy work"

"Only 10 seconds to change another applicator to

  crimp the different terminal"

Applicators of End-Feed & Side-Feed
End-Feed Terminal Applicator
End-Feed Terminal Applicator
Side_Feed Applicator
Side_Feed Applicator