7 TC-2017 machines at Customer's wire processing Production Dept. - 客戶的第7台

1 of our customers now has been using a total of 7 units of TC-2017CT machine at their wire processing production dept. 此客戶 也已採購 他們的 第7台 TC-2017

Our Clients have been using total >10 unit TC-2017 machines at their workshop. - 客戶的第10台

1 of our customers now has been using a total of 1X units of TC-2017 / TC-2020 machine at their wire processing production dept. 此客戶 也已採購 他們的 第10台 TC-2017 / TC-2020

Why use TC-2017? 全自動化機械設備?

The benefits of Automatic System Machines :

*01. cost down

*02. cost-effective

*03. speed-up

*04. accuracy-up

*05. competitive ability-up

*06. benefits up

*07. working space decrease

*08. manpower saving

*09. managing cost less

*10. orders increasing

自動化線加工機械設備效能 :

* 省人 / 省事 / 省心 *

*01. 降低生產課成本

*02. 降低線加工生產成本

*03. 生產加速交貨快

*04 .精度及生產品質提高

*05. 競爭力提高

*06. 獲利效益提高

*07. 工作空間減少

*08. 人力成本大幅省

*09. 管理成本大降低

*10. 接單力大大成長

* 線材加工機客戶都喜歡 TC-2017,因為它具有高性能和準確性及自動穩定。

* 品檢工程師 & QC 部門 : 都很嘉許線材加工完成品質 - 優等 穩定 省事 省心。

10 machines TC-2017 at Customer's wire processing Production Dept.

*The level-up system machine is equal to leveling up the orders, Newest machine with competitive to obtain more wire processing orders as the lower cost with automation production. 10 machine
*升級系統機器設備 - 等於升級訂單,最新機器以自動化生產,以更勁的價格獲得更多的線材加工訂單。自動化機械線加工 - 企業生產利潤 自動化升級 -
*此客戶 也已採購10 台 TC-2017 & TC-2020.

Machine purchasing is an easy job.

- 採購新機不困難 - 信任 信賴 信心 -

*高階工業工程師團隊 - High-Level Engineering Design

*高規穩健設計 - Stable & Durable & Accuracy

*製程最適化 - Optimization of manufacturing

*自動化技術運用 - Application of Automation Technology-

*企業利潤自動向上 - Business profits automatically increase

*機械維修 維護簡單 - Machine maintenance easily. 

'5 Wire proceeding at 1 time' - Save time and money,

'5 units' Machine at Wire Processing /Assembly Dept.

Auto Cut Strip Crimp Tin 4 works by only 1 click.

Why purchase 3rd and more TC-2017 machine? 採 購 第3 或更多台?

The TC-2017 is creating more efficiency and accuracy quality. We need more TC-2017 to meet the Wire assembled orders' Demand. 加工線訂單多, 需更多TC-2017機器 生產加工線交貨! -

1 customer said:

Concerning your machines, they are excellent, and my operators are happy to use them. As happy as someone could be using a machine 8 hours a day. This has been a good help.

1 customer said:

I am happy to say that all appears well with the machine and we are very happy with its high performance operation. This machine is excellent. 

2 machines of TC-2017 at customer's wire processing department.

The stable and high quality of wire processing/wire assembly are approved by the QC and Customers, It is for sure need more TC-2017 to produce the high quality of the wire assembly and wire processing.

2 machines of TC-2017 are using at customer's production dept.

Several customers are using >2 pcs machines at their production plant. TC-2017 machines are bringing the lots of orders for them, the high speed production is making the cost down and save time.
Machine Operators at factory all like the TC-2017 with easy operation. Manpower saving, wire processing quality are all approved by their QC departments.

Total 5 machines of TC-2017 are using at customer's wire assembly workshop.

TC-2017 is a stable and high-performance machine, The high speed & accuracy quality production to make wire set costs down, and bring good business profits for TC-2017 machine owners.

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