7 TC-2017 machines at Customer's wire processing Production Dept.

1 of our customers now has been using a total of 7 units of TC-2017CT machine at their wire processing production dept. 

Our Clients have been using total >10 unit TC-2017 machines at their workshop. 

1 of our customers now has been using a total of 1X units of TC-2017 / TC-2020 machine at their wire processing production dept.  

Why use TC-2017?  

10 machines TC-2017 at Customer's wire     

                        processing Production Dept.

The benefits of Automatic System Machines :

*01. cost down      *02. cost-effective    *03. speed-up     *04. accuracy-up   *05. competitive ability-up

*06. benefits up      *07. working space decrease    *08. manpower saving

*09. managing cost less     *10. orders increasing

*The level-up system machine is equal to leveling up the orders, Newest machine with competitive to obtain more wire processing orders as the lower cost with automation production. 10 machin

Machine purchasing is an easy job.

*Hi-End spec. - Stable & Durable & Accuracy

*Optimization of manufacturing

*High-Level Engineering Design

*Machine maintenance easily. 

*Application of Automation Technology-

*Business profits automatically increase

'5 Wire proceeding at 1 time' - Save time and money,

'5 units' Machine at Wire Processing /Assembly Dept.

Auto Cut Strip Crimp Tin 4 works by only 1 click.

Why purchase 3rd and more TC-2017 machine?  

The TC-2017 is creating more efficiency and accuracy quality. We need more TC-2017 to meet the Wire assembled orders' Demand.  

1 customer said:

Concerning your machines, they are excellent, and my operators are happy to use them. As happy as someone could be using a machine 8 hours a day. This has been a good help.

1 customer said:

I am happy to say that all appears well with the machine and we are very happy with its high performance operation. This machine is excellent. 

2 machines of TC-2017 at customer's wire processing department.

The stable and high quality of wire processing/wire assembly are approved by the QC and Customers, It is for sure need more TC-2017 to produce the high quality of the wire assembly and wire processing.

2 machines of TC-2017 are using at customer's production dept.

Several customers are using >2 pcs machines at their production plant. TC-2017 machines are bringing the lots of orders for them, the high speed production is making the cost down and save time.
Machine Operators at factory all like the TC-2017 with easy operation. Manpower saving, wire processing quality are all approved by their QC departments.

Total 5 machines of TC-2017 are using at customer's wire assembly workshop.

TC-2017 is a stable and high-performance machine, The high speed & accuracy quality production to make wire set costs down, and bring good business profits for TC-2017 machine owners.

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