Precision design machinery, automation creates new fields!

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1-click Automation Machine 

  • Have you ever thought about finding the right new automation machines to enhance your business capabilities and develop your future?
  • Enterprise growth needs automation - Self-learning is the driving force for enterprise advancement - Strong corporate culture and technology - The company will be greatly strengthened -
  • TC-2017/TC-2020 - Save time/ Cost down / High speed - create corporate profits and market competitiveness
  • Our customers all said: TC-2017 brought many orders for wire processing items. They all purchased  2 - 10 sets of machinery equipment.
  • After several years of hard work, Tic has been recognized by customers as the automatic machine for online processing: TC-2017 adds value and order profit to online processing!
  • Improve the production efficiency of wire processing in an all-around way, reduce labor costs and work machine area, and maximize maintenance easily. 
  • Since 2017, many customers have purchased 2 -10 units TC-2017s to maximize the production capacity of automated machines and rapidly grow their market competitiveness and business profits!
  • The design, manufacture, and sales of automated machines need to provide customers with full responsibility and high-performance requirements of the machines!

TC-2017 Automation Machine - Level up your Life -

                           Your 3rd Machine

*1. Your future is decided by you.  
*2. Both ends Crimping machine + 1 end Crimping/1 end Tinning Machine =
2-in-1 Multi-function Machine

TC-2020 Automation Machine - Level up your Machine -

           Wire to board assembly& Tinning machine 

- Wire cut crimp insert into housing & Tinning Machine -
High performance / Accuracy / Durable and easy maintenance and easy to replace the renewed parts. -

Wire to Board connector for JST/MOLEX/杜邦 ......連接器線材自動加工
Wire to Board connector for JST/MOLEX/杜邦 ......連接器線材自動加工
Wire to Board connector for JST/MOLEX/杜邦 ......... 連接器線材自動加工
Wire to Board connector for JST/MOLEX/杜邦 ......... 連接器線材自動加工

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