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The automatic wise machine creates more smart working and lets people can have more time to

do other Smart works. 

Tic Group : 3 Machine Manufacturing Series

  Experienced Hi-End R&D / Engineer Teams

1-click Operation Machine

    Wise-Wire Processing       

        Machine TC-2017 to TC-2023


      For 1 - 20 wires processing

01- Wire Cut Strip Twist & Tinning Machine.  

02- Wire Cut Strip Twist & Crimping Machine.

03- Wire Cut Strip Twist & Pin Crimp Machine

04- Wire Cut Strip Twist - Both Ends Crimp Machine

05-  2-in-1 Multi-function New Design Machine

06-  Push-in Terminal Block Crimping Machine

07-  Multicore cable Crimping & Tinning Machine

08-  Custom-Made Machine Order is Welcome 

  Wire-to-Board Connector Housing

            Insertion & Tinning Machine

     www.tc-2020.com for JST/Molex/TE 

Wire-to-Board ConnectorTypes. This type of device connects a wire to a printed circuit board(PCB), enabling connectivity between circuits. Housing Crimping and Tinning or Crimping 2 ends.

Multi-core Cable Cut/Strip/Crimping

  & Tinning machine

     Model : TC-2022MT

"RJ Jack with Wiring/Crimping machine - New Released"                   ~ 06.2023  TC-2023RJ ~ 

EI/UI/EE Lamination Stacking           

                            Machine - since 1972

  www.eimachine.com   Different EI machine Video

  www.eistacker.com     Fast Link - some video  

     From E-15/EI-28 ~ EI-250; UI-30 ~ UI-180 up

  01. Manual Stacking Machine

  02. Automatic Stacking Machine

  03. Coil Winding Machine - Ground type

           Custom-Made is welcome

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